How to Properly Cite a Blog in Your Essay

The name and date will correspond with a full bibliographic entry at the end of the essay, under the title, “References”. If an article has two authors, follow the basic format for a journal reference. Place a comma after the first initial of the first author followed by an ampersand (&). Then include the last name and first initial of the second author.

In subsequent citations, use only the surname of the first author followed by “and others” or “and colleagues” (e.g., Strine and others). Check more examples of in-text citations in APA style with their corresponding references. Similar results were received after all students learned more about citing sources in essays (“Citation Guide,” 2016). If compared to MLA, APA style is a bit more complicated and requires the writer to specify more details. Apart from the author’s last name and the page number, you’d also need to include the year of publication. Start your Bibliography entry with the name of the author of the essay. Type the last name of the author of the essay, followed by a comma.


You put the source reference in a footnote or endnote with in-text note citations. However, endnotes have become the predominant form of providing note citations. In-text citations are necessary whenever you paraphrase or quote a source in your academic writing. It is therefore important to know how to quote a source in an essay. Many students struggle with how to properly cite a source in their essays.

A reference list also gives credit to the authors you may have consulted for their ideas. Chicago Style does not specify any format when the source text has no author. However, the standard practice is to use the work’s title in place of the author. The title should be in the same format as the Reference list entry. These guidelines are used for all citations, whether it’s referencing a video, journal article, or report. Citations are placed in-text or at the end in a reference list. Using citations in an essay is necessary whenever you directly paraphrase, quote, or summarize the key elements of someone else’s idea in your writing.

General Guidelines

Paraphrased sentences are generally the same length as the original text . If you are considering citing a source in the intro of your synthesis essay, make sure the intro is the best place for that information. The most effective way to embed evidence is to integrate it into a sentence of your own. If done correctly, the quotes will be seamlessly embedded. If the sentence were read aloud, someone listening wouldn’t know the sentence contained a quote because the sentence would flow well. When writing a synthesis essay, you’ll want to include embedded evidence. This means that you’ll “embed” or “integrate” the evidence into a sentence of your own.

Per the Chicago Manual of Style you want to try your best to find the original source and cite that. However, if that isn’t possible, the general formats are described below. When you quote two or more words verbatim, or even one word if it is used in a way that is unique to the source. When quoting directly from a source, page numbers should be used. If you are quoting indirectly as outlined above, page numbers do not need to be used. Where a page number is not available, paragraph number can be used.

Getting it Right Every Time You Write an Essay

Even if you only quote or paraphrase one paragraph from a single work, single-author books should always be referred to as a whole in APA style. Unfortunately, not every university style guide has kept with the times, making it tricky to know how to properly cite blogs and other online sources in your bibliography.

  • If the work differs from the title, a comma is used to add the publisher’s, city, or university’s name.
  • You can cite a paraphrase in MLA exactly the same way as you would cite a direct quotation.
  • The evolutionary process happens in a series of incremental changes over an extended period (Darwin, 1859, p. 510).
  • If the author’s name is not provided in the text, it should be included with the year of publication in the parenthetical reference.
  • Discusses the article in an interview with the New York Times as well.

It is very useful to find out exactly what the requirements are at your institution. If there are more than one source from which the information was drawn, the citations will be listed, separated by semicolons. I want to challenge you to take pleasure and pride in your citation.

When you introduce facts that you have found in a source

Then, type the author’s first name, followed by a period. List the page range for the essay and the publisher of the larger work. Type a space after the title of the larger work, then type the page range where the essay appears in the larger work, enclosed in parentheses. Use the abbreviation «pp.» and separate the first and last page numbers with a hyphen. Place a period at the end, outside the closing parenthesis. Close your Reference List entry with the name of the publisher, followed by a period. Type the title of the essay in sentence case, capitalizing only the first word and any proper nouns in the title.

how to cite an article in essay

It is not required to cite a source in the introduction, and honestly, most students don’t do it. Technically, yes, you can cite a source in the introduction. If you have a fact, statistic, or example that you think would help you introduce the topic, feel free to include it. If you encounter a visual text early on in the sources and you’re not sure how to interpret it, skip it and come back to it. Chances are, the visual text might make more sense after you’ve read the other sources. For photographs, you’ll want to reference an element of the image and include the citation. Lang exam, at least one of the synthesis sources will be a visual text, which can include photos, charts, graphs, comics, etc.

APA Referencing Basics: Reference List

If a DOI is unavailable, the use of a URL is permitted. APA style is used to cite sources in the field of social sciences. It can be used for research papers in the subjects of social anthropology, sociology, social psychology, political science, and economics. Verywell Mind uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Read our editorial process to learn how to cite an article in essay more about how we fact-check and keep our content accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. If an article does not cite any authors, then start by giving the title of the article, followed by the publication date, source, and URL if you accessed the article electronically. The only real difference is placement — footnotes appear at the bottom of the relevant page, while endnotes all appear at the end of your document.

how to cite an article in essay

If you think it’s important to quote something, an excellent rule of thumb is that for every line you quote, you should have at least two lines analyzing it. There are also different forms of citation for different disciplines. For example, when you cite sources in a psychology paper you would probably use a different form of citation than you might in a paper for an English class. The purpose of a style guide is to provide writers with formatting instructions. If your professor has not assigned a style guide, they should still be able to recommend one. MLA formatting and APA formatting have always been hard to distinguish. This article has helped me to understand the style guide of MLA formatting using the MLA handbook.

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When using secondary sources, use the phrase «as cited in» and cite the secondary source on the References page. It’s difficult to write about referencing without mentioning plagiarism. Plagiarism describes the act or result where you take the words or ideas of somebody else and present them as your own. Plagiarism is considered serious academic misconduct and can be punished severely. Most importantly, however, your reputation is on the line. To sum it up, inside the text, you give the family name of the author, followed by the year of the publication.

  • It is therefore important to know how to quote a source in an essay.
  • Here you can choose which regional hub you wish to view, providing you with the most relevant information we have for your specific region.
  • A citation in an essay is a reference to the source of information you’ve used in your essay research.
  • This was worth the read and I have learned so much which I’ll practice when I write next.
  • If the essay has a subtitle, type a colon at the end of the title and then type the subtitle, also in sentence case.

Summaries are generally shorter than the original text, and address salient topics presented by the original author . Citations should occur in each sentence that includes unoriginal material. Even if your entire paragraph is a summary, you should cite in each sentence rather than at the end of the paragraph.

Warning: When You Must Cite

At the university where I studied, for example, there were eleven different style guides used by the various faculties and schools. They may ask students to write strictly to the MLA referencing format, the APA 1000 word paper is how many pages format for references, Harvard, or Chicago guides. Alternatively, the faculty could ask for a derivative format or special instructions to be followed. Refer to your course guide or talk with someone about it.

The citation in the reference list does have a few differences, however. First, you have to think about how you want to identify your sources. If your sources are very important to your ideas, you should mention the author and work in a sentence that introduces your citation. If, however, you are only citing the source to make a minor point, you may consider using parenthetical references, footnotes, or endnotes. Learning how to write an academic essay with references and how to use in-text citations will allow you to cite authors who have made similar arguments. This helps show that your argument is objective and not entirely based on personal biases.

How to Cite a Website in APA Format

Some say that it breaks the flow of the text, making it more difficult to read and this might be why it is not used on websites like Wikipedia. However, most people would skip over the references when reading a sentence and use them only to reference the source material. You are not rewarded for generating entirely original thought, especially as an undergraduate.

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